Initiation to Cast Magical Spells (Part 1)


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Magical Spells


My personal view of magic is that it is one of the basic forces of the universe that is located on the spiritual plane where our souls and the universal soul reside. This force, like all the other ones, can be used and manipulated by those who know why. By using a combination of the spiritual powers of that force, the powers of the physical world, and the Witch own personal powers, a magical spell can be cast to affect both the spiritual and the physical world.

To properly cast a magic spell the wizard must first prepare himself both physically and mentally. He must clean himself and dress himself in comfortable clothes. Most professional Witch use comfortable loose-fitting ceremonial robes that they only wear to do magic, so that the clothes are not contaminated by any bad energy coming from outside. I normally wear loose-fitting ceremonial robe if the temperature is not too stifling.

Depending on their personal circumstances a Witch might decide to work outside in a peaceful area, or inside their house or workplace. Normally magical work is done at an altar, and this altar can be as simple as the corner of your dining room table or a little folding table, or as elaborate as a specially build intricately carved altar in a room or outdoor place specially built to do magic. I now work in my altar room, but eventually when we move to a quieter area I want to build an outdoor altar area where I can work closer to the forces of nature.

Once you have made your decision on where to work magic, you must clean the area where the magical ceremony will be cast to make sure that no bad energies are accumulated in that area. If you do a lot of magical work, you might decide to setup a special corner of a room with a permanent altar, or even prepare a special room in you house just to do magic. First the floor is vacuumed or swept if you work indoor and then the altar is dusted. Most Witches will place an altar cloth on their altar and it can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. I normally use a nice silk altar cloth of appropriate color and design to suit the spells I plan to accomplish.

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